2004 Buick Park Avenue Ultra Specs?

Used 2004 Buick Park Avenue Ultra Specs Features

Cylinders V6
Horsepower 240 hp @ 5200 rpm
Torque 280 lb-ft @ 3600 rpm
Turning circle 40.9 ft.


What engine is in a 2004 Buick Park Avenue?

Buick Park Avenue Reliability Problems Park Avenue owners have made 70 complaints over 16 model years. Using our PainRank™ system we’ve ranked it 3rd in overall reliability out of 14 Buick models, with real engine and electrical concerns.

Is the Buick Park Avenue RWD?

The Park Avenue was Buick’s largest front wheel drive sedan, but the even larger rear wheel drive Roadmaster returned to the lineup in 1991 for the station wagon and 1992 for the sedan. Starting in 1992, the Ultra came with a 3.8 L Supercharged V6 engine and standard leather interior.

Is a 2003 Buick Park Avenue a good car?

Owns this car This is a great car that is very luxurious and comfortable and gets great gas mileage and can comfortably ride up to 6 people. This is a perfect luxury automobile! Rating breakdown (out of 5): Comfort 5.0.

Is a Park Avenue a good car?

It’s a really great car. Don’t believe the mileage – I get 18 “city” and 27-30 mpg, depending on how hard I drive, on the interstate. Best car out of 18 in 20 years The quality, smooth ride and handling, power of the Buick Park Avenue is outstanding and exceptional.

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What is a 2003 Buick Park Avenue worth?

The value of a used 2003 Buick Park Avenue ranges from $578 to $4,044, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

Who made the Park Avenue car?

From 1978 to 1990, the Park Avenue existed in Buick as a trim level within the Electra full-sized car. In 1991, the Park Avenue superseded the Electra brand name to become a luxury sedan. Redesigned in 1997, the Buick Park Avenues sophisticated new look was based on a three-inch wider wheelbase.

Is a 2000 Buick Park Avenue front wheel drive?

Standard Features: premium cloth Seat trim. 3.8L V-6 Engine. 4-spd auto w/OD Transmission. front-wheel Drive type.

What year was the last Buick LeSabre made?

When Buick discontinued the LeSabre in 2005, it was one of the best-selling full-size sedans in America.

What is a Buick Lucerne?

The Buick Lucerne is a full-size luxury car manufactured by General Motors from 2005 to 2011. Named for the city of Lucerne, Switzerland, it served as Buick’s top-of-the-line sedan until it was replaced by the second generation Buick LaCrosse.

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