FAQ: Audi Q5 Reset Service Due?

Press the “Car” button, located next to the climate controls. Turn the knob located in the center console to scroll down to select “Service interval display“. Press and release the knob button to select. Turn the nob to scroll down to “Reset service interval’.

How do you reset the service indicator on a Audi Q5?

To reset the inspection light in your 2018 audi q5 vehicle, turn the ignition key to the “on” position and depress the gas pedal slowly three times. Release and start your vehicle and your inspection light should indicate a reset.

How do you reset the inspection due on a Audi Q5 2020?

Follow the instructions below to reset the Oil Change Light on your Audi Q5:

  1. Turn ignition switch to ON position but do not start the engine.
  2. Press the MENU button on the MMI controls to access the main menu.
  3. Go to CAR or VEHICLE menu.
  4. Select “SERVICE & CHECKS”
  5. Scroll down and select “SERVICE INTERVAL”

How do I reset my Audi service reminder?

Step 1: Let’s Do It!

  1. Put key into ignition.
  2. Press and hold trip reset button on the instrument cluster.
  3. Turn key to II position.
  4. Release the button.
  5. Turn the clock adjustment button on the instrument cluster clockwise.
  6. On the LCD screen you should now see “SERVICE IN 15000KM” message on with red backlight.
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What does it mean when your Audi says service due?

The Audi “Service Due” Indicator Light — The ‘service due’ indicator located on your Audi dashboard signifies that your vehicle is in need of a more comprehensive check-up. In general, most Audis will be due for general service every 10,000 miles or, with increased use, one year following your last maintenance check.

How do you reset the service light on a 2009 Audi Q5?


  1. Start the engine.
  2. Press the CAR button to get to the service menu.
  3. From there use the bottom left button on the MMI Controller to CAR SYSTEMS.
  4. Scroll to and select SERVICE & CHECKS from the CAR SYSTEMS menu.
  6. Select RESET OIL CHANGE INTERVAL and confirm.

How do you reset the service light on a 2012 Audi Q5?

2012 AUDI Q5 Maintenance Light Reset Instructions

  1. Start the engine.
  2. Press the CAR button to access the service menu.
  3. From the CAR menu select CAR SYSTEMS.
  4. From the CAR SYSTEMS menu select SERVICE INTERVALS.
  5. Select RESET OIL CHANGE INTERVAL and confirm.
  6. Turn off the igntion.

How do you turn off inspection due on Audi?

From the main menu choose “service” then select ” oil reset “. Input make and model of vehicle. Choose “17 instruments” and then click on “delivery inspection” and tap on “ok”. Continue to follow “ok” prompts.

What does service due mean?

This light illuminates to remind you that it is time to service your vehicle. When the service due Warning Light appears, it does not mean that anything is wrong with your vehicle; the light is programmed to come on after a certain distance, to remind you to have your car serviced.

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