FAQ: Chevrolet Cruze Vs Toyota Camry?

CarWale brings you comparison of Toyota Camry and Chevrolet Cruze. The Toyota Camry price is ₹ 41.18 Lakh and Chevrolet Cruze.

Camry vs Cruze Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights Camry Cruze
Engine Capacity 2487 cc 1998 cc
Power 176 bhp 164 bhp
Transmission Automatic (CVT) Manual
Fuel Type Hybrid (Electric + Petrol) Diesel


Do Chevy Cruze have a lot of problems?

The Chevy Cruze also reportedly had oil leaks from the engine, cooler lines, and transmission seals. Coolant leaks caused problems requiring that the thermostat housing be replaced. The earlier models in this generation of Chevy Cruze even experienced complete transmission failures.

Is Chevrolet Cruze is a good car?

Is the 2019 Chevrolet Cruze a Good Used Car? Yes, the 2019 Cruze is a good used compact car. The Cruze gets excellent fuel economy, rides smoothly, and has a well-built interior with comfortable seats. It also has a long features list and earns one of the best predicted reliability ratings in the segment.

What is the Chevy Cruze comparable to?

Some of the moSTSimilar cars to the Cruze were the Honda Civic, the Hyundai Elantra, the Toyota Corolla, the Ford Focus, and the Mazda3. There are may cars similar to the chevy cruze including toyota corollas, nissan sentras, and hyundai elantras.

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What year of Chevy Cruze is best?

The Chevy Cruze is a very safe compact car by almost any measure. From its launch in 2010, the little Chevy boasted an impressive list of standard safety features that helped it to a full five-star rating for overall safety from the NHTSA and the IIHS named the 2011 Chevy Cruze a Top Safety Pick.

Why was the Chevy Cruze discontinued?

Yes, Chevy has discontinued the production of the Cruze compact sedan. Rather than replacing their compact sedan, Chevy chose to focus instead on developing its more popular lineup of SUVs and trucks. While this may sound concerning or even like a sign of trouble for Chevy itself, cars get discontinued all the time.

Is Chevrolet Cruze expensive to maintain?

The average total annual cost for repairs and maintenance on a Chevrolet Cruze is $545, compared to an average of $526 for compact cars and $652 for all vehicle models.

How long will Chevy Cruze last?

The Chevrolet Cruze can reportedly last up to 150,000 to 200,000 miles before major parts will require replacement. Going by the average mileage driven by Americans annually (15,000 miles), the new Chevrolet Cruzes should be good for another 10 to 13 years.

How bad is the Chevy Cruze?

Chevrolet Cruze Reliability Problems. Cruze owners have made 1,023 complaints over 10 model years. Using our PainRank™ system we’ve ranked it dead last in overall reliability, with significant engine and transmission concerns.

Will there be a 2021 Chevy Cruze?

Mechanically, the three variants of the 2021 model-year Cruze keep the turbocharged 1.4L inline-four LE2 engine, which develops 153 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque, mated to either six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

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Which is bigger Cruze or Malibu?

The Malibu is quite a bit larger, with nearly 20 extra inches in both length and height. The Malibu also has 15.8 cubic feet in trunk volume, compared to a smaller capacity of 14.8 cubic feet in the Cruze. Overall, the mid-size Malibu is a larger model than the compact Cruze.

Is Chevy Malibu bigger than Toyota Corolla?

For a smoother ride and more stable handling, the Malibu’s wheelbase is 5.1 inches longer than on the Corolla (111.4 inches vs. 106.3 inches). For better handling and stability, the track (width between the wheels) on the Malibu is 2.3 inches wider in the front and 1.5 inches wider in the rear than on the Corolla.

Is Chevy more reliable than Honda?

The commercial shows real owners of other car brands being surprised when the spokesperson reveals that “Based on a recent survey, Chevy is more reliable than Toyota, Honda, and Ford.” At the end of the ad, four 2019 Chevrolet vehicles are unveiled and the claim is repeated and expanded to include 23 other car brands.

Is Chevy Cruze bigger than Ford Focus?

The 2018 Ford Focus Sedan is shorter and wider than the Cruze at 178.7 inches long, 74.1 inches wide, and 57.8 inches tall. The Focus’ wheelbase is shorter at 104.3 inches. As a hatchback, the 2019 Cruze measures 175.3 inches long, 70.5 inches wide, and 57.7 inches tall.

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