FAQ: Does Buick Encore Require Premium Gas?

The Buick Encore does not require premium gas. It’s recommended that you fill the Encore with regular unleaded gasoline that has an octane level of 87.

What type of gas does a 2019 Buick Encore take?

Is a 2017 Buick Encore good on gas?

Does the 2017 Buick Encore Get Good Gas Mileage? The Encore gets 25 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway with its standard engine, which is good by class standards. With the same engine and all-wheel drive, the Encore returns 24/30 mpg city/highway. It delivers 27/33 mpg city/highway (26/31 mpg with AWD).

What type of gas does a 2013 Buick Encore take?

Most cars on the road recommend a standard grade 87 or 89. Premium gas 90-93 is completely okay to put in a standard vehicle. Car experts say there is no risk of damage to a standard car using premium fuel.

Why premium gas is a waste of money?

But what is commonly called “premium gasoline” is a waste of money for countless drivers. That’s because they don’t know what kind of fuel their car is meant to take or because they think they will somehow get better performance or better long-term reliability by using a higher grade of gas.

Should I put premium gas in my car?

In a consumer notice, the Federal Trade Commission, notes: “In most cases, using a higher-octane gasoline than your owner’s manual recommends offers absolutely no benefit. It won’t make your car perform better, go faster, get better mileage or run cleaner.”

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