Question: 05 Bmw M3 Specs?

2005 BMW M3 Competition Package
Base price incl dest $48,995
Engine 3.2L/333-hp/262 lb-ft DOHC 24 valve I-6
Transmission(s) 6-speed manual (6-speed auto-clutch manual)
Curb weight 3383 lb

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Is the E46 M3 supercharged?

By the standard of its time, the horsepower in the BMW E46 M3 was more than adequate, developing 338 hp. The tuning shop got to work, installing an ESS Tuning intercooled supercharger system. This is a bolt on kit, allowing easy installation and great power upgrades.

What year BMW M3 is best?

Critics generally say that the best M3 would be something from the E46 generation, more specifically a 2006 model with the manual transmission, competition package, and no sunroof. The E46 had everything that makes a BMW M3 great.

Does M3 E46 have Turbo?

With 450 wheel horsepower, a Horsepower Freaks E46 M3 might be the best way to make a fast car even better. Many people think of the E46 M3 as the last real M3. For those people, there are turbos.

How fast is a supercharged E46 M3?

This specific vehicle was equipped with a VF Stage 2+ (T-trim Vortech blower),Headers, Gears, Drag Radials, MS109 Race Gas and Meth. A quick search on Youtube and you’ll see this car is no slouch, his car Dynod 500rwhp on a DynoJet on MS109 race gas and ran an impressive 11.58 @ 122 MPH quarter mile.

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How much horsepower does a E46 M3 have?

The E46 M3 came with a 3.2 liter inline-six engine developing 333 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. It could hit 0-60 in 5.1 seconds and had an electronically controlled top speed of 155 mph.

Which BMW M3 is most reliable?

E90/E92 M3 Reliability So for the time being, I am going to crown the S65 as the most reliable M3 engine that has been made to date. There are really only two potential issues to worry about with these engines: rod bearing failure and throttle actuators failure.

What year M3 has a V8?

2008-2013 BMW M3 (E90/92/93 4th Generation) The convertible’s leather seats had a special surface which prevented seats from getting hot when the top was down. It was the only mass-market M3 to use a V8 engine, a new 414-horsepower 4.0-liter unit that was paired with a 6-speed manual transmission.

How reliable are BMW M3?

The BMW M3 Reliability Rating is 2.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 29th out of 31 for luxury midsize cars. The average annual repair cost is $1,161 which means it has poor ownership costs. Repairs are more frequent and more lkely to be severe than the average car, which means you can expect more major repairs for the M3.

Is a BMW E46 M3 a good investment?

In my opinion, the E46 M3 is ‘best in class’ and there are many car reviews and journalists who agree. Usually, when making an investment, the demand is greatest for the best product with the greatest reputation compared to its competitors. However, when you’re talking about cars this is a slight oversimplification.

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How reliable are E46 M3?

It is a reliable DD if you keep up with maintenance and regularly cover your bases. However, it is not a cheap daily. Parts wear out quicker than in a typical car, and they cost more to repair or replace.

What is BMW E36?

The BMW E36 is the third generation of the BMW 3 Series range of compact executive cars, and was produced from 1990 to 2000. The initial models were of the four-door sedan body style, followed by the coupe, convertible, wagon (“Touring”), hatchback (“Compact”) and the rare four-door convertible Baur TC4 in later years.

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