Audi A4 Sales Figures?

Audi A4 Sales Figures – By Year

Year sold
2018 34,311
2019 26,435
2020 18,342
2021 14,526


How many cars did Audi sell in 2020?

In full-year 2020, global Audi sales were down 8.3% to 1,692,773 cars delivered worldwide. Despite weaker sales, Audi gained market share in most major markets. In China, by far the most important single-country market for Audi, sales increased by 5.4% to a record 727,358.

Why Audi A4 is discontinued?

Because of the BS6 norms, Audi has discontinued its diesel engines as of now, with a possible relaunch in the future. So as the original deadline of BS4 norms passed, Audi exhausted its entire BS4 stock. That includes A3, A4, A5, Q3, Q5 and Q7. That’s when they will directly get their BS6 compliant engines.

How many cars do Audi make a year?

Worldwide, the Audi Group produced 456,013 (400,824) vehicles and 9,951 (9,633) motorcycles in the third quarter of 2020. Of the total number of cars produced, the Audi brand accounted for 454,139 (398,925) units.

How many BMW 3 series have been sold?

The Bavarian automaker has sold about 4.5 million of the sedans since the 3 Series’ introduction in 1975, making it the best-selling luxury nameplate in automotive history.

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What is Audi best selling model?

1) Audi A3 – 97,492 models sold Accounting for the sales of the A3, RS3 and S3 models, the Audi A3 was the best-selling Audi model in 2020, with 97,492 cars sold. After selling just short of 100,000 cars over the last 12 months, it is fair to say the A3 reigns supreme.

How many sales does Audi have?

In Canada, Audi’s sales performance has mimicked that global pattern. Audi sales have grown from 7,422 units in 2004 to 36,908 units in 2017, an astonishing run for a premium brand in Canada. Between 2011 and 2017, Audi sold an incremental 4,000 new cars per year every year (very consistently).

What does TFSI stand for?

Audi’s most utilised engine is the turbo fuel stratified injection (TFSI). The turbo aspect is denoted by fuel being pressure-injected into the combustion chamber of the engine to create an instant charge.

How many Audis are in the UK?

In December 2020, there were roughly 7,400 new Audi cars registered in the United Kingdom.

Will there be a 2022 Audi A4?

There’s no official on-sale date for the 2022 Audi A4, but based on previous years’ schedules, we expect a summer 2021 release.

Will Audi still make gas cars?

Audi becomes the latest automaker to announce that it’s done with gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles. After 2026, Audi will switch its focus onto fully electric vehicles, as the automaker will end the development of new internal combustion engine models.

Do Audi still make the A4?

Audi offers the A4 in two strengths: 40 and 45. Both are powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder with a 12-volt hybrid system and all-wheel drive; the 40 makes 201 horsepower while the 45 makes a juicy 261.

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