Bmw G310 Gs Release Date?

BMW released the G310 GS, an adventure bike based on the G310 R, on July 19 2018.

Is G 310 GS good?

The bmw gs 310 is an excellent bike! very confortable for long rides and it can take you to places difficult to reach, Its torque will surprise you! very stylish so it steals sights of people when the. you can ride it for over 280 km and depending on your driving style, The full tank may last over 300 km.

Is BMW 310 good for touring?

The bike is comfortable cruising at 100-110 km/hr for the whole day. Cross the cruising limit and the vibrations get really really strong and the bike gets desperate to calm down. Summing up, leaving its weakness of picking up at low-end, it classifies as a city commuter as well as a long tourer.

Does BMW G310 GS have abs?

Yes, Dual Channel ABS is available on BMW G 310 GS.

What type of bike is BMW G 310 GS?

BMW G 310 GS is a adventure bike available at a starting price of Rs. 2,90,327 in India. It is available in only 1 variant and 3 colours. The BMW G 310 GS is powered by 313cc BS6 engine which develops a power of 33.52 bhp and a torque of 28 Nm.

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Where is BMW G310 GS made?

BMW G310 R was developed with an intent to increase BMW’s presence in global markets. It was manufactured in both Europe and India. The design of the bike was originally engineered by BMW in Munich, Germany, and is built and assembled at TVS Motor Company’s Hosur plant in Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Does BMW GS 310 have cruise control?

Easy Cruise for BMW 310GS – Prospec Now you can add that feature to your touring bike as well. Pro-Spec has made a very high quality device specific to motorcycle model to add cruise control feature which once initiated you can give rest to your hand and bike keep running on same speed / acceleration which was set.

What is the difference between BMW 310 R and BMW 310 GS?

The claimed mileage of BMW G 310 GS is 29.3 kmpl whereas the mileage of BMW G 310 R is 32.5 kmpl. In technical specifications, BMW G 310 GS is powered by 313 cc engine, while BMW G 310 R is powered by 313 cc engine. BMW G 310 GS is available in 3 different colours while BMW G 310 R comes with 3 colours.

What is the seat height on a BMW 310 GS?

310 GS Riding Position The standard seat height for the 310 GS is 32.9 inches, which should be pretty low for a majority of people and make touching the ground easy. But if you’re on either end of the height lottery, BMW also offers a low seat option at 32.3 inches or a tall seat option at 33.5 inches.

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What is the smallest BMW motorcycle?

The BMW G 310 R naked roadster is the smallest displacement motorcycle from the BMW Motorrad stable.

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