Readers ask: 04 Acura Tl Mpg?

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2004 Acura TL
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Fuel Economy
EPA MPG Premium Gasoline 21 combined city/highway MPG 18 city 26 highway 4.8 gals/100 miles
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Does 2004 Acura TL need premium gas?

The answer to the question,”Do all Acuras require premium gas?” is no — but it’s recommended that you use a higher-octane fuel in your Acura for a number of reasons.

Are 2004 Acura TL reliable?

Reliability – Although the TL does have a few issues, for the most part owners have been very satisfied with reliability. Style – Many owners love the look of the 2004-2008 TL and consider it to be the best looking generation of TL, especially the TL Type-S.

Is Acura TL reliable?

The Acura TL is considered highly reliable. RepairPal gives it a reliability rating of 4.0 out of. 5, placing it in 6th out of the 31 luxury cars in its segment. Furthermore, the TL has excellent ownership costs.

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What happens if you put regular gas in an Acura TL?

Acura cars and SUVs are designed to get the best performance possible. With many now incorporating turbochargers, higher compression, and variable timing, regular-grade gas can cause pinging. Pinging, or spark knock, happens when fuel detonates before the spark plug ignites the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder.

What engine does a 2004 Acura TL have?

With good maintenance, either engine is known to last for over 200K. Read also: How to maintain your engine. Fuel Economy: The 2004-2008 Acura TL 3.2L automatic gets 18/26 mpg (13.1/9.0 L/100 km) city/highway on premium gasoline.

Do Acura TL have transmission problems?

Acura TL transmission models consist of the BDGA, B7VA, and B7WA. All of the models have the same common problems including loss of forward gears, overheat, and loss of 4th gear and/or reverse. Causes of the loss of forward gears ranged from a faulty solenoid to a torque converter issues.

How fast is a 2004 Acura TL?

Zero to 60 mph comes in just 5.7 seconds, with the quarter-mile following 8.7 seconds later at 99 mph.

How do you check gas mileage on Acura TL?

You can check the mileage on Your Acura TL by takeng a look at Your trip odometer. You should be able to track the mileage for Your vehicle by performing a trip odometer reset before You take the car for a new trip.

Is an Acura TL expensive to maintain?

Acura is a luxury brand, but the cost of the vehicles don’t carry the higher luxury price tag. They are also not expensive to maintain. Based on estimates of total vehicle maintenance over a decade, the cost for Acura is $9,800. The number one most expensive brand to maintain was BMW, which had a cost of $17,800.

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Are Acura TL good used cars?

It is reliable, reasonably priced on the used market, and fun to drive; everything you could ask for in a car. The worst Acura TL has to be the 2012 model year. A final generation model that lacks performance, has no style, and rates low in safety.

Which year Acura TL is best?

In 1986, the Honda Motor Company introduced Acura to the United States as its luxury vehicle lineup.

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