Readers ask: Audi Q7 Sunroof Leak Recall?

According to the automaker, damage to the drainage system for the panoramic sunroof can allow water to leak into the foam that also touches the airbag canister. This can eventually cause the part to corrode. The automaker will begin the recall February 2017.

Is a leaking sunroof covered under warranty?

You could have a clogged drain for the sunroof, for example. That would be considered “maintenance” even when under base warranty when the car is new. In this case, the sunroof drains must be cleared so water may drain properly instead of overflowing inside the vehicle.

How much does it cost to have sunroof drains cleaned?

How much does it cost to clean solar roof drains? It costs about $ 125 to clean the drainage area of ​​a sunroof. If you’re replacing the guide or cable that pulls the sunroof back and forth, a mechanic may need experience to remove the entire roof and replace or rebuild it. This job can cost up to $ 800.

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How much does it cost to fix sunroof seal?

If the leak is simply caused by the clogged drainage tubes, the repairs can be rather inexpensive — typically no more than a few hundred dollars. However, if the seal is broken, it will require removal of the sunroof and replacement of the seal — which usually costs more than $500.

Is a broken sunroof covered by insurance?

Most types of damage to the sunroof or to the car from the sunroof will need comprehensive auto coverage. This type of policy protects the vehicle’s value from non-accident related damage. This coverage can provide extensive protection to most components of the vehicle.

How do you clean an Audi sunroof drain?

How to Clean & Modify Sunroof Drains on an Audi A6 (C5)

  1. Illustration of the sunroof drains on a typical VW.
  2. Black plastic lip thing. Pour water in the front corner and watch for flow.
  3. Pour water on the outer track. Pouring it on the inner track will just get it in the car or wash out the lubrication for the sunroof.

How do you tell if your sunroof drain is clogged?

When a sunroof drain does become plugged, the common signs are either a wet headliner, water dripping from the headliner, wet roof pillar, a damp carpet or water pooling in the foot wells.

How do you know if your sunroof is leaking?

There are common telltale signs that your sunroof is leaking. If your car has a sunroof, it may be a prime suspect of a water leak. You may notice water dripping from directly around the sunroof area, staining in the headliner around the sunroof, or even water in the floor of the vehicle.

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How much does it cost to fix a car roof leak?

Q: What is the cost of fixing a car roof leak? You can find the car ‘roof leak repair cost’ at an average of $900 to $1,500 when using the services of a certified professional. In essence, the parts should cost at least $500 while these experts charge from $300 and above for labor.

How do you stop a sunroof from leaking?

Without attention, your sunroof can be more likely to leak or break down. Clean It Regularly

  1. Open the sunroof and clean the entire visible area, using a vacuum if necessary.
  2. Wipe down all moving parts and the gasket around the roof with a soft cloth, automotive cleaner and toothbrush.

Where are sunroof drains located?

These tubes are generally located at the front and rear corners of the pan assembly of the sunroof/moonroof, travel down the interior of your vehicle and typically drain onto the ground. Unfortunately, these tubes can become clogged with debris overtime.

How do you fix a sunroof rubber seal?

How to Replace a Sunroof Seal

  1. Peel away the old seal from where the 2 ends meet at the back of the sunroof cutout.
  2. Make a mark at the halfway point in the back of the sunroof cutout with a permanent marker.
  3. Start applying the new sunroof seal at this mark.
  4. Attach the seal around the edge of cutout.

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