FAQ: 2019 Buick Enclave Mpg?

The 2019 Buick Enclave MPG rating with FWD is 18 mpg city and 26 mpg highway.

Are Buick Enclaves good on gas?

But in order to utilize most of the modern safety technology possible for an Enclave, you have to move up a trim level or too and the cost skyrockets. Its gas mileage is also in the low range as well. According to Consumer Reports the small SUV gets 12 miles per gallon in the city and 26 on the highway.

How reliable is the 2019 Buick Enclave?

The 2019 Buick Enclave has a slightly above-average predicted reliability rating of 3.5 out of five.

Do Buick Enclaves have problems?

Buick Enclave Transmission Issues Owners have mostly noted transmission problems around 91,000 miles. The vehicle tends to shake, make clunky noises, or both when speeding up or changing gears. The cost of a non-warrantied Buick Enclave could cost an owner $3,500 and up to have the transmission fixed or rebuilt.

What was the worst year for Buick Enclave?

The 2008 model year proved to be the worst in the Buick Enclave lifespan. It was, however, one of the first years of its production, which people expect to see problems with, especially with the SUVs.

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What SUV has the best gas mileage?

The SUVs With the Best Gas Mileage You Can Buy in 2021

  • 2021 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid | 46 MPGe.
  • Land Rover Range Rover Sport P400e | 42 MPGe.
  • Land Rover Range Rover P400e | 42 MPGe.
  • 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid | 41 mpg.
  • 2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid | 40 mpg.
  • 2021 Lexus UX250h | 39 mpg.
  • 2021 Toyota Venza | 39 mpg.

What kind of gas does a 2020 Buick Enclave take?

The base FWD-only 2019 Buick Enclave Preferred has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starting at $41,390 including destination. The Essence, which includes leather seats, lane-change alert, blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, is priced from $43,390 plus delivery. AWD is $2,000 extra.

Are Buick Enclaves comfortable?

The large Buick Enclave is a quiet, comfortable, and responsive three-row SUV. Power comes from a lively 3.6-liter V6 teamed with a smooth nine-speed automatic. The roomy cabin is very quiet, and the ride is comfortable, befitting Buick’s flagship.

Are used Buick Enclaves reliable?

The Buick Enclave Reliability Rating is 3.5 out of 5. It ranks 13th out of 32 for all car brands. Learn more about Buick Enclave Reliability Ratings.

Is a Buick Enclave worth the money?

Yes, the Buick Enclave is a good midsize SUV. It has a lengthy list of standard infotainment features, a cushioned ride, and a powerful V6 engine. It also has some of the roomiest accommodations in the segment.

Is the Buick Enclave made in China?

All three are built at the Jinqiao Cadillac plant in Shanghai. For China, the Enclave is powered by the turbocharged 2.0L I4 LSY gasoline engine, which is rated at 233 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. Be sure to subscribe to GM Authority for more Buick Enclave news, Buick news and 24/7 GM news coverage.

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Is Buick Enclave a luxury car?

Lows Unremarkable interior appointments, V-6 could be more fuel efficient, less brand recognition than some rivals. Verdict The Enclave represents a solid value, with the features and appearance of a luxury SUV at a mainstream price.

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