Often asked: How Much Do Buick Enclaves Cost?

How Much Does the Buick Enclave Cost? The 2021 Buick Enclave has a starting MSRP of $41,195. That’s the highest starting price in the class by far but less than most luxury midsize SUVs. The price rises as you climb the trim ladder, with the high-end Avenir with all-wheel drive coming in at around $57,000.

How much should I pay for a Buick Enclave?

The base model of the 2021 Buick Enclave has an MSRP of $41,495, but the average price paid is $41,459 based on 26 transactions from the past 8 weeks.

What is wrong with Buick Enclave?

Buick Enclave Transmission Issues Owners have mostly noted transmission problems around 91,000 miles. The vehicle tends to shake, make clunky noises, or both when speeding up or changing gears. The cost of a non-warrantied Buick Enclave could cost an owner $3,500 and up to have the transmission fixed or rebuilt.

How much is a 2021 Buick Enclave cost?

Verdict The Enclave represents a solid value, with the features and appearance of a luxury SUV at a mainstream price.

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How much do Buick SUVs cost?

How Much Does the Buick Encore Cost? The 2021 Buick Encore starts at $23,200, which is above average for the subcompact SUV class. The Preferred trim starts at $24,600. All-wheel drive is available in the Preferred trim for an additional $620.

What is the most luxurious Buick?

Most Expensive: In luxurious Avenir specification, the Enclave three-row crossover is the most expensive Buick, at about $55,000. Over the standard Enclave, Avenir trim adds distinctive styling, nicer materials, and more equipment.

Is a Buick Enclave worth the money?

Yes, the Buick Enclave is a good midsize SUV. It has a lengthy list of standard infotainment features, a cushioned ride, and a powerful V6 engine. It also has some of the roomiest accommodations in the segment.

How many miles do Buick Enclaves last?

The Buick Enclave is a durable SUV that can last between 200,000 – 250,000 miles on average with proper maintenance and good driving habits. If you average 15,000 miles of driving a year, this equates to roughly 13 – 17 years of service before repair costs become uneconomical.

Does Buick Enclave hold its value?

The base FWD-only 2019 Buick Enclave Preferred has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starting at $41,390 including destination. The Enclave is expected to retain at least half its value over three years and has been average in its segment for total 5-year cost-to-own.

Is the Buick Enclave considered a luxury car?

Is Buick a luxury brand? Yes, Buick is a luxury brand. It has been marketed as a premium automobile brand of General Motors, advertising its cars as “luxury cars built with luxury features.” It is placed above GM’s mainstream brands like Chevrolet, but below the flagship Cadillac division.

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Are Buick Enclaves expensive to fix?

Cost. The average total annual cost for repairs and maintenance on a Buick Enclave is $720, compared to an average of $573 for midsize SUVs and $652 for all vehicle models.

What are the 3 sizes of Buick SUVs?

The Buick lineup isn’t huge, but it features crossovers in the three most popular sizes, from the cute, subcompact Encore to the compact Envision to the roomy, three-row mid-size Enclave.

What is the top of the line Buick SUV?

What is the top-of-the-line Buick SUV? The top trim of the largest Buick is the Enclave Avenir. This Buick SUV will cost you around $54k to get behind the wheel of this mid-size high-rider, but for the money, you get comfortable captain’s chairs in the second row and a two-seat bench in the 3rd-row.

What is comparable to Enclave?

The Buick Enclave is related to the Chevrolet Traverse, but is a softer interpretation and more luxurious. The Buick Enclave is related to the Chevrolet Traverse, but is a softer interpretation and more luxurious. The Mazda CX-9 has all the grace of the Enclave, but not the same space.

Which Buick is the biggest?

The 2019 Buick LaCrosse is the largest Buick sedan, while the 2019 Buick Enclave is the largest Buick SUV. Whether you want to drive through Abilene in a sleek and stylish sedan or traverse the great state of Texas in the driver’s seat of a roomy SUV, there’s a new Buick to fit your driving preferences.

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